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Beauty and Personal Care Products Consumers are beginning to value “feel-good”, “guilt-free” and products they can trust over luxury and status items.  Long-established values and traditions are also coming back in vogue. Pharma Cabinet latest market study shows that this growing enthusiasm for “Good Beauty” approaches has various trend expressions: 

Beauty and Personal Care Products: easy and instant access to information has given consumers an opportunity to research every aspect of the brands they buy from. People now expect full disclosure about how their beauty ingredients and products have been sourced and made. And if it takes more than one click to find these details, they assume there is something to hide. 

Ethical & Sustainable Beauty: consumers are increasingly aware of the environmental and social impact of beauty products and are becoming ideological in their buying preferences. They want assurance that the environment, people and animals are treated fairly at every step of the production process. 

Beauty and Personal Care Products: as urban living cuts more and more people off from the great outdoors, consumers are looking for other ways to connect with nature. One way they can do this is by using organic and natural beauty products, made without artificial ingredients, additives or processing. 

Minimalistic Beauty: the global recession has inspired some consumers to consider the benefits of a less materialistic lifestyle. With many people focusing on the simple things in life and a “less is more” approach, demand for more basic, single-ingredient beauty products in no-frills packaging is on the increase.